Various Natural Ways to Have a Healthy Vagina

The female sexual reproductive system is hugely misunderstood. Physiologically, its location is in the pelvis. The external genitalia is made up of the vulva which opens into the internal reproductive organs. The internal reproductive organs are ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and the vagina. Being located inside the body, the vagina becomes extremely difficult to maintain and keep it healthy.

Forget about all those misconceptions and theories you have heard about keeping your vagina healthy in the most natural. The following are the legit ways you can follow and have a healthy vagina.

Your Underwear Should be Cotton

There is a reason why a lot of underwears are made of cotton. It is to allow the genitalia to breathe and it aids in the absorption of moisture. The crotch area of the underwear should be thin. Avoid materials such as nylon and silk since they keep moisture which is a good factor in the growth of bacteria and aid in the vagina emitting a bad odor. When in the house, ditch your underwear for the free dresses and let air circulate in your nether regions.


Do Workouts

Make sure that your work out sessions includes Kegels exercises. These exercises will help in the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles as well improving your bladder controls. Research also shows that Kegels exercises are important in giving you orgasms that are mind-blowing.

Insist on Condom Use

Condoms are made of rubber which is crucial for the protection of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms are also useful in keeping the pH level of the vagina stable which is essential for the growth of bacteria such as lactobacilli. This bacteria is also crucial in the prevention of yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, and other urinary tract infections.

Avoid Douching

The vagina is self-cleaning. You should not use soaps and other bathroom products’ to clean the vagina. When these products are used intravaginal, they put you at a risk of contracting diseases such STDs and pelvic inflammation.

Exercise Caution While Cycling

Cycling is an outdoor activity that you love to engage in. Did you know that you are at risk of vaginal complication when cycling? Continued cycling can cause pain, numbness, and prickling. If you can’t avoid cycling, ensure that you have shorts that are padded around the crotch area. This is to shield the vagina from injuries during exercising.

Lube it

Medications such as antihistamines can cause vaginal dryness. Some birth control methods that are hormonal in nature also cause vaginal dryness. In this cases, ensure that you have used enough lubes to avoid abrasions which are painful. Lube also help to liven the mood.