Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD is among the main compounds of marijuana or the hemp plant. The component gets extracted from its source plant and mixed with a carrier oil or edibles to impart relaxation and calm. That is why it is well known for reducing anxiety and depression. CBD is non-psychoactive, unlike its counterpart THC, which is responsible for causing the “high” feeling when inhaled or consumed. Research and studies have found out that CBD has several health benefits such as pain relief, epilepsy treatment, reducing cancer-related symptoms, managing chemotherapy side effects, among many other conditions.

The FDA has not approved CBD Products, and the federal drug laws ranked CBD to be functioning the same way and classified it in the same group. In December 2018, the Farm Bill was signed by the US president legalizing CBD extracted from hemp and with THC levels of below 0.3%. CBD extracted from the cannabis plant is still illegal. As approval from a public agency is awaited, one should strictly check on their states’ regulations and laws.

Features of legal CBD

There are no approvals from the FDA to assure CBD users of safety and effectiveness; besides, there are CBD products with unique features, making them acceptable in individual states. The following are the features of legal CBD:

Low levels of THC

THC is the psychoactive hemp component that, when used, makes one feel high. The acceptable THC levels in CBD should not be anything above 0.3% for humans and 0% for pets. These levels do not react with the human body or do not have the strength of causing any effect. CBD with such levels shows that it has been manufactured to supplement some medical conditions in the body.

CBD extracted from the hemp plant

Most states in the US have legalized all CBD products extracted from hemp rather than marijuana. The Farm Bill allows all hemp products to be freely sold and used within the US’s premises. In addition to that, cultivating hemp is legal and mostly advised for use in research and studies. Besides, hemp has been acceptable for over a long period, and apart from producing CBD also performs other industrial functions. Legal CBD oil for pain may help you deal with chronic conditions as long as you make sure that you use it in the right way.

Bottom line.

CBD has not been legalized in all the states, calls for more carefulness when buying the products. Many sellers are coming out each day, and therefore there might be cannabis-derived CBD available. One should be keen on checking on the mother source of the available CBD and the conditions on which the hemp has been grown on. As more research is being carried out, more evidence to support CBD’s effectiveness and safety is getting unearthed. You can also visit for more information.